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Eat simple foods, nothing to expensive, and try not to own any houses, sleep in the inns or bedrolls in the wilderness.

You might have a Shrine to an ancient vampire lord, and leave offerings of flowers, or an item belonging to someone you have slain.

Don't wear any armor, just some tattered robes, with maybe a ring or two.

every day you must take time to meditate and reflect on your days gone by.

Maybe they run away, maybe the fight back, or maybe they even surrender. You could even be the guard known for his constant drug busts, kind of like Lex from the Imperial City. Stolen Item Finder - do the Canvas The Castle quest as an inspiration and continue to search out Cyrodiil to find someone who has had an item stolen, do the heirloom quests such as When The Vow Breaks, Sins Of The Father or the Fighters Guild Quests Which need you to bust a thief Such as Den of Thieves. if you see someone sneaking, watch them for some time, and if you find something incriminating confront them about it.

Cast a frenzy spell on them and have them attack you. Perhaps you find out that they stole the item and decided that they needed to be given over to the city watch.

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